We have some distinct yellow patches in our lawn which don’t look like general dryness. We have an automated sprinkler on the lawn every second day, so it shouldn’t be dry. Do you think it may be grass grub or porina?

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Hi Jackie,

It could very well be one of these two things, however, it is the time for grass grubs to be doing damage now. They tend to appear in February and March when the larvae are close to the surface. The Porina caterpillar tends to appear more towards autumn and winter.
A good test is to see if the grass pulls up easily, the grubs would have been eating the roots. If it pulls up easily it is probably the grass grub. You will be able to see grubs in the soil as well, they are c shaped and have a brown head.

Treat with Lawn granules such as Kiwicare Lawnpro Lawn guard. You will need to sprinkle the granules over the affected area and then water in well, follow directions on the label for a more detailed explanation.

There are other problems that can cause the yellowing of grass, The best thing to do is check for the grass grub and then go from there. Because you are watering your lawn so often fertiliser can be used up more quickly. This can be a cause of nutrient deficiencies.

The Palmers Team

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