I have a two year old dwarf feijoa which has just produced its first fruit. Recently the leaves of one quadrant of the tree which faces east have turned yellow and are starting to fall. The rest of the tree looks very healthy. There is no visible insect infestation as far as I can tell and it does get sprayed when I treat several citrus in the same area. I have given liquid fertiliser to the root area and canopy over the past couple of weeks but cannot see any marked improvement.

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Hi Carol,

I’m very happy for you, it is great you are getting some fruit for the first time.

The leaves may be yellowing as the tree is putting a lot of energy into the fruit. Liquid fertiliser is great and I would recommend spraying the tree with liquid fertiliser on a more regular basis until it greens up again. I would also add more compost and sheep pellets to the soil, sheep pellets are great as they act as a slow release fertiliser and are organic as well.

Ensure the tree is getting enough sunlight through the canopy, prune if necessary to let a little more sunlight and air-flow through the tree. This may be causing the leaves to turn yellow and drop, good aeration can also help prevent any diseases. Spray the tree with a liquid copper in case a fungal problem is starting to occur, an organic spraying oil can act as an insect control (just in case) and also as a preventative.

Good Luck

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