I bought a Yen Ben Lemon Tree 3 years ago and it has been doing really well.
Unfortunately after all the rain we have had (it might not have anything to
do with it), the leaves at the top of the tree are curling inwards. Why would
it do that and can I rectify it. I was so proud of how it has grown and would
hate to loose it.

  • Patricia Bowler asked 4 years ago
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Hi Patricia,

You are absolutely right. When the leaves of a citrus tree curl inwards it usually has to do with extreme conditions such as drought, extreme cold or in your case probably being a bit waterlogged. It has been a particularly wet spring and because of this wet spring, many problems have been arising.

With any luck, we will get a break in the weather soon and your citrus tree will come right again. Do not do any extra watering at this time.

Other things to check for are insects such as aphids underneath the leaves, insects can cause leaves to curl. If there are insects present spray with an insecticide. A certified organic treatment such as Enspray 99 is best, spray in the evenings to avoid leaf burn and to keep our bee populations safe from harm. If you have another insecticide you normally use, by all means, use that if you would prefer.

If it is not an insect problem and the leaves do not come right once the tree has had time to dry out you may like to try spraying a liquid copper in case it has a fungal disease such as leaf curl. Spray copper again in autumn and winter to prevent fungal diseases from occurring. Remove any diseased leaves and branches. Keep the area clean and tidy.

Feed with a foliar spray to help the tree recover. Something such as Tui Seaweed Organic Plant Tonic. Do this regularly to give the tree some extra nutrition and to help it keep thriving.

All the best.

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