I have 3 yucca in pots and they are turning quite yellow. I assume I should feed them something but unsure of what this is. can you help please.

  • Claire Mowday asked 1 year ago
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Hi Claire,

The best thing about Yuccas is they require minimal care. If the leaves are turning yellow just make sure you are not overwatering as the plants have the capacity to go without water for a while and do not like too much water, also make sure the drainage is good and the plants are not sitting in water.

Strip off any older leaves that usually start forming at the bottom of the head of leaves. The fertiliser I would recommend is Tui Novatec Premium which is safe to use in pots and is a controlled release fertiliser. If you want to give your plants a boost I would also recommend spraying the foliage with Tui Seaweed Organic Plant Tonic once every week or two weeks especially during the growing season to help with those yellow leaves.

The Palmers Team

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