• Abraham Darby

    Deeply cupped, fragrant apricot/pink blooms that repeat all season.

  • Absolutely Fabulous

    Butter gold blooms produced in abundance, licorice fragrance

  • Albertine

    Coppery pink semi double blooms, flowers mid summer

  • Amberlight

    A beautiful blend of apricot and pink with a light fragrance

  • Anniversary

    Porcelain pink flowers produced in abundance, disease resistant

  • Arrowtown

    Beautiful apricot buds open to large fragrant golden yellow blooms

  • Azubis

    Strongly fragrant double mauve-lavender flowers. Long flowering

  • Ballerina

    Small single blossom pink flowers in a hydrangea like head

  • Bantry Bay

    Lightly scented rose pink blooms that keep on flowering

  • Blackberry Nip

    Easy to grow and very fragrant with deep purple blooms

  • Brother Cadfael

    Large globular clear pink flower with rich old rose fragrance

  • Burgundy Iceburg

    Abundance of fragrant semi-double dark velvety red blooms

  • Carmen Parade

    Dark foliage, perfect to grow in pots and small gardens

  • Compassion

    Salmon pink shaded apricot orange blooms, excellent for picking

  • Courage

    Lovely dark red glossy blooms produced in clusters

  • Crimson Bouquet

    Dazzling vibrant crimson blooms, bred for low maintenance

  • Dalton's Gold

    Golden buds open to fragrant blooms. Flowers all season

  • Deep Secret

    Highly fragrant flowers of black red opening to velvet red. Repeat flowering. Good picking.

  • Diamond Jubilee

    Fragrant apricot and honey blooms, ideal cut flower

  • Diamonds Forever

    Fragrant creamy blooms with soft yellow centre, compact growth

  • Dublin Bay

    Ever blooming clusters of bright red semi double flowers

  • Eyepaint

    Large sprays of single blooms. Scarlet red with a white centre

  • For Ever Yours

    Low growing. Produces cupped pink flowers, ideal for a hedge

  • Friesia

    Prolific flowering yellow with clusters of medium size fragrant blooms

  • Glamis Castle

    Fragrant pure white flowers, ideal for the smaller garden or hedge

  • Gertrude Jekyll

    Delicately coloured buds form large rosette blooms of rich, deep pink. Sweet heady fragranced flowers.

  • Graham Thomas

    Masses of rich yellow blooms, with strong, upright growth. Pleasant fragrance most noted in hot weather.

  • Gold Medal

    Beautiful golden yellow flowers with a hint of pink to the edges

  • Golden Celebration

    Magnificent cupped golden yellow fragrant blooms. Award winning rose

  • Grace

    Highly fragrant producing many pure apricot rosettes

  • Happy Birthday

    Clusters of small coral coloured blooms that flower non stop

  • Heart of Gold

    Large blooms of gold with an edge of pink. Fantastic cut flower

  • Iceberg

    Best seller! Clusters of pure white blooms which keep flowering

  • In Loving Memory

    Non-stop clusters of red flowers and lush green growth

  • Ingrid Bergman

    Large velvety deep red blooms on long upright stems with slight fragrance

  • Jubilee Celebration

    Impressive domed flowers in rich salmon pink, exceptional fragrance

  • Just Joey

    Rich scented coppery apricot blends with a large frilly bloom

  • Lasting Love

    Dusky red buds that open to deep cerise blooms, fragrance award winner

  • Leander

    Deep apricot rosette shaped flowers, delightful raspberry scent

  • Lemon N Lime

    Fluorescent cream blooms with lime tinges, compact and fragrant

  • Little Opal

    Delicate pink blooms perfect for picking. A strong grower with attractive foliage

  • Love Me Do

    Intensely fragrant blooms of white tinged with cream, great for picking

  • Loving Memory

    Award winning red cherry blooms

  • Madame Alfred Carriere

    Large sweet scented blooms in creamy white tinted with pink. Flowers continually

  • Mamma Mia

    Apricot and salmon pink tones with a strong fragrance

  • Margaret Merril

    Large creamy white flowers. Highly perfumed.

  • Mary Rose

    Attractive rose in pink loose petalled flowers, delicious old fragrance

  • Midnight Blue

    Unique clusters of semi-double rich purple flowers. virtually thornless

  • My Precious

    Fragrant golden buds open to soft yellow blooms

  • My Sister Red

    Prolific brilliant red flowers. Easy care and bushy

  • My Sister White

    Prolific brilliant white flowers. Repeat flowering, easy care

  • Nostalgia

    Abundance of raspberry blooms with a cream centre

  • Pacific Glory

    Produces masses of blooms in a lavender pink tan shade

  • Paddy Stephens

    Lightly scented, beautiful coral-orange salmon flowers

  • Pinocchio

    Clusters of beautiful flowers of true magenta

  • Remember Me

    Fragrant largely shaped blooms in tones of orange and copper

  • Rugosa Alba

    Very fragrant milky white blooms, attractive golden stamen

  • Rugosa Rubra

    Very fragrant deep crimson flowers with creamy yellow stamens

  • Sally Holmes

    Abundance of large creamy white flowers with golden stamens

  • Scentimental

    Distinctive burgundy and white striped fragrant blooms

  • Sexy Rexy

    Clusters of pink blooms, compact and repeats well

  • Sir Edmund Hillary

    Highly scented pure white flowers with golden centres

  • Souvenir De Leonie Viennot

    Double yellow blooms with silvery reverse - ages to pink

  • Souvenir De Monsieur Brueil

    Deep pink fragrant double blooms in flushes throughout the season

  • Souvenir Du Dr Jamain

    Highly scented double cupped violet to dark red coloured blooms

  • Sparkler

    Small white flowers cover this low wide growing shrub

  • Starlight

    Uniquely lilac mauve blooms with strong fragrance. Lovely to pick

  • Thank You

    Small fragrant double soft pink coloured flowers, compact plant

  • The Fairy

    Long flowering masses of pink rosette blooms. Ideal for pots

  • Warm Wishes

    Large fragrant high centred peachy coral blooms

  • Wedding Day

    Vigorous rambling rose with sweet single white flowers

  • William Shakespeare 2000

    Rich crimson blooms changing to an equally rich purple

  • With Love

    A beautiful orange/apricot colour. May be grown in a pot or in the garden.