Roulette is one of the oldest gambling games ever. Accordingly, many variants have developed over time, one thinks only of the manifestations of European, American and French Roulette. With the spread of the various online Casinos, the Roulette games RouletteBull is now also particularly popular on the Internet among people who previously had no special touch with this Casino Game. In order to further increase the attractiveness for the guests, the operators of Online Casinos and the Software manufacturers have come up with other variants, such as Mini Roulette, Multiwheel Roulette or Multiball Roulette.

These new offers are more popular with younger or less traditional guests. On the other hand, the Highroller, i.e. regulars, who regularly play for very high stakes, very quickly recognized the large profit potential of certain variants and draw off with some luck correspondingly high profit. So that you can get an Overview of the different versions, we make the following brief on the variants, all presented forms are (as far as the Online Casino software is technologically state-of-the-time) mobile, and free to play.

European Roulette

European Roulette The European Roulette is played with only one zero and in total so 37 numbers in the cauldron. The Layout of the playing field, however, is more oriented to American Roulette, since here also the numbers are marked with the corresponding color (red or black). If European Roulette is played according to the traditional rules, get back the players that have not placed on simple chances, your bet if the Zero because it is neither red nor black, odd or even. This rule is called “En Prison”.

Furthermore, the fields are labeled in English, the language of Croupiers is English. In exceptional cases, Australians can also be spoken. The European Roulette is the most popular Form of this table game in Online Casinos, to players from Switzerland, the EU and New Zealand The bank advantage is lower for European and French Roulette than for the American variant, so the chances of winning for the players are correspondingly higher.

French Roulette

French Roulette also here is played with only one zero, accordingly, in the French Roulette only 37 numbers are in the cauldron. The biggest difference to the other Roulette variants, the Layout of the table, all the Numbers are on a green background, so without the corresponding color of the field In the boiler. In this way, some players feel the field is less clear, in addition, of course, that all designations were made in French, also the announcements of the croupier are made in this romance language. Anyone who does not understand French as well is much better served with the European variant, also with the aspect that the rules differ only minimally.

For example, players usually only get half of their stake back if they simply bet, but the ball in the cauldron remains on zero. Instead of” En Prison”, this halving the repayment is called”La Partage”. In addition, some Online Casinos may also bet on other options other than the numbers, thirds, colors, “even”, “odd” first half or second half: if the Online Casinos represent the traditional rules, the ball may also be placed in the vicinity of the zero (“Voisins du Zéro”).

American Roulette

American roulette life of the label in English (American English more precisely), the American Roulette mainly distinguishes the second zero, which is referred to as “00” or double zero. With this additional number, which is outside the range of simple bets (red/black and even/odd), the advantage of the Bank is significantly increased compared to the European and French game types. Also, the player does not receive a bet back if he has bet on the simple odds and one of the two zeros falls and the game does not take place in one of the land-based Casinos in Atlantic City/USA.

Of course, all American online Casinos offer this variant on their websites, but also providers in the EU or Switzerland complete their offer with this very popular and surprisingly also in Europe very popular game version. It is important to remember that the chances of winning at the “American Roulette” variant are significantly reduced. Some players may not know the differences exactly and then decide intuitively for this Version. Therefore, we inform you in this article so in detail. You can then decide with a great knowledge advantage for the appropriate Roulette variant.