House plants are so on-trend right now. At Palmers, we’ve always loved them, of course, so we’re excited that they are becoming an essential element of home interior style.

Some house plants have always been great performers – good looking and undemanding. Many of these have retro appeal, mostly because it was back in the 1970s when they were hugely popular with the bohemian style of the times.

When you’re finding the right place for your house plants, think about:

  • The space
  • The light levels
  • Whether the spot is warm or cool


Some on-trend plants

One plant that’s trending right now is fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata). It’s a handsome and architectural plant with large glossy green leaves that can grow up to 3 metres tall but can also be trimmed to keep it smaller.

Another is bromeliad. They are an excellent alternative to cut flowers if you’re looking for a gift. They have beautiful tropical foliage colours; we’ve chosen this darker plum-coloured variety but there are yellows, oranges and reds.

Kalanchoe house plants are sun-lovers so place them near to window.



Cymbidium orchids are quite different to the orchids normally seen in the home. These have beautiful flower spikes topped with long, strappy leaves. They are also perfect as a gift because the flowers last for months and months.

Syngonium is a creeping plant that is self-succouring so if you provide it with a framework, it will stick to it. This means it can be trained up or around a frame or grown as a hanging basket plant.

The Tradescantia or zebra plant is quite retro and easy-care. It cascades beautifully which makes it ideal for a high placement in the home. With their silvery striped leaf surface and rich purple underside this plant will delight for a long time.



Rubber plants have also made a huge comeback from the 70s. Try Ficus Black Knight with its dramatic dark leaves, which look even better when they’re cleaned with leaf shine.

And the best plant to keep your home healthy is the peace lily. It breaks down toxins in your home caused by cleaners and sprays, as well as formaldehydes. In fact, all house plants help purify the air.


Don’t over-water your house plants. It’s the quickest way to kill them. Check the soil before you water the plant; if it’s damp, walk away.



Cleaning and feeding

House plant really benefit being clean and dust free. Either use an aerosol or a damp cloth to wipe them down.

Mix liquid fertiliser into your watering can every 3rd to 4th watering.