Sweet, juicy, delicious – no fruit says summer quite like strawberries. Why rely on the supermarket for your strawberry fix when you can grow plenty of your own, and in such a small space.

Whether they spill out of strawberry towers, tumble from hanging baskets, troughs and containers or share a spot in the flower or vegetable garden – strawberries taste so much better out of your own garden, they don’t need much space, and are fun for kids to grow. Give them an education and great nutrition in one go!


Choose a good sunny spot to plant your strawberries. Strawberries are ripened by the summer sun, so they need to get a decent amount of sun throughout the day.

A good rule of thumb when buying strawberry plants is to get at least four plants per person in your household, to ensure there will be enough berries for everyone to enjoy at harvest time!




All fruit crops will benefit from an organic fertiliser, so before you plant the strawberries, put 4 to 5 litres of water into the bottom of a bucket and add a couple of capfuls of Yates Thrive Natural Seaweed Tonic. Let the plants soak in the seaweed mix for a couple of minutes so they absorb all those good nutrients before planting. Reapply this tonic every fortnight to ensure healthy plants.





Reapply this tonic every fortnight to ensure healthy plants.


Managing Fruit Set

You should remove the first set of flowers that form on the plant. Doing this will ensure the plant will develop first and as a result produce lots more flowers and therefore more fruit. Simply snip the flowers off with secateurs. The same applies when you buy the plant; if it has flowers already, snip them off.

Once you have a nice healthy plant of about 20cm across in size, then you can let the flowers stay.