Our Spring Flower Favourites

Spring has arrived and with it comes longer brighter days (hopefully!) and loads of beautiful, bright colour for the garden. Spring is all about colour and spring flowers are the perfect way to brighten up your patio, pots or garden. There are so many flowering beauties that you can add to your garden this season.

Pop in store now and add some of our spring flower favourites to your pots, patio or garden.

Spring Flower


Big, bright and a favourite with the bees! Great fun to grow with kids.

Spring Flower

Californian Poppy

Bright orange and yellow blooms that close at night and open in the sun.

Spring Flower


Prolific, hardy bloomers that bring an array of colour to the garden.

Spring Flower


Tall, showy spikes of blue, purple and pink flowers. Popular in cottage gardens.

Spring Flower


Early spring flowers in a huge variety of colours. Prefer partial shade.

Spring Flower


Delicate blue flowers with bright yellow centres. Self seeds so spreads easily.

Spring Flower


Striking flower that resembles a ballerina. Grows well in hanging baskets.

Spring Flower


Tall spires that cover themselves in flowers and are easy to grow from seed.

Spring Flower


A favourite with the bees and brings a beautiful scent and cottage look to the garden.

Spring Flower

Canna Lilies

Tropical-like foliage with large long-lasting flowers. Love the sun.



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