Roses are loved the world over for so many different reasons; their beautiful flowers, their fragrance, the vast array of varieties available. Here are our top picks for the 2019 rose season:


Touted as the world’s best yellow rose, Friesia has been popular with rose lovers for over 30 years. Friesia is long flowering and blooms are unfading from opening to when the petals drop. This rose is highly fragrant, which is uncommon among yellow roses. Bred by Reimer Kordes in 1974, it was an early winner of the Gold Star of the South Pacific.


An unusual rose that is technically called a red blend, Scentimental features distinctive burgundy and white striped blooms. Scentimental has a strong, spicy fragrance and a vigorous bushy growth habit. Winner of America’s top Rose Award 1997.

Brother Cadfael

A David Austin rose, Brother Cadfael bears very large, globular, pink flowers that are reminiscent of peonies. Despite their size, they are never clumsy and are held nicely upright on the plant. There is a particularly strong and rich Old Rose fragrance. It forms a bushy shrub; the flowers, leaves and growth all in proportion. Named after a fictional monastic sleuth and is far more showy than the name suggests.

Ingrid Bergman

Named after the award winning Swedish Actress, Ingrid Bergman is probably best remembered for her role in the film classic ‘Casablanca’. A highly recommended, disease resistant rose with large, velvety deep red blooms on strong upright stems. The flowers are long lasting. Dark green leathery foliage and moderately fragrant. Lovely in a vase. Multi Award Winner.


A beautiful rose with an unique lilac-mauve colouring of the well shaped blooms. It will also delight with its strong fragrance and lush, leathery, dark green foliage. Lovely to pick, plenty of blooms throughout the season.

Gold Medal

Beautiful golden yellow flowers with a hint of pink to her edges. Show quality. Disease resistant, repeat flowering on a strong growing bush.

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