September is NZ Bee Aware Month and Palmers are on board to raise the profile of the honey bee in New Zealand!

The focus of this year’s Bee Month is the importance of pollination. Kiwifruit, feijoas, chili peppers and coffee are just a few things that we wouldn’t have without bees.

According to FAO, 75% of the world’s food crops depend at least in part on pollination. The honey bee is the most widespread managed pollinator globally.
This year’s theme, Pollination Illumination, is all about shining a spotlight on the benefits bees provide us through pollination.
“The pollination story is significant to New Zealand not only in agriculture and horticulture but in the role native bees play in maintaining our unique biodiversity,” says Karin Kos, ApiNZ Chief Executive.

New Zealand’s smaller native bees, of which there are 29 species, play an important role in pollinating native flora such as pohutukawa and harakeke.
Kos says that people in both rural and urban spaces can play a part in helping bees do their job by creating safe and nourishing spaces for them. This means growing bee-friendly plants and minimising the use of sprays.

We want to help the kiwi gardener help save the bees! Throughout the month we will be posting loads of information on how you can help the bees, how you can keep bees, competitions, recipes and more!

Come in store and see what you can grow to get the bees buzzing in your garden!



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