Thriving in the rich, volcanic soil of Taranaki, Daphne adorn the landscape of two local nurseries where we source them from.

Years in advance of when the Daphne plants arrive instore, Palmers are liaising with our local suppliers in regards to varieties and the quantity we’d like to stock. The Daphne are planted either in a field or containers and nurtured for at least a year or two (depending on the size and variety) by our local suppliers before they make their way to our stores, and eventually in to your garden.

A large amount of time and effort goes in to raising Daphne, our suppliers and their teams work tirelessly so the plants are at their best throughout their tenure at the nursery and then passed on to our garden experts instore to care for.



Young Daphne Leucanthe plants – these are about a year away from arriving instore.


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