Everything You Need To Know About Bees for Bee Aware Month

September is Bee Aware Month where we celebrate all things Bees. This Bee Aware Month we are sharing with you all our top tips on caring for Bees, making sure your garden is Bee friendly, and more!

Bee Friendly Pest Solutions

Don’t spray pest solutions during the day while the bees are busy working away.

Urban Trees for Bees

Trees that Bees love.

How To Keep Bees

How to get started with Bee-Keeping.

How To Grow Lavender

Bees love lavender!

Helping Our Bees

Learn how to help our bees.


A message from the National Bee Keepers Association

Be Bee Friendly

See how important Bees are to our environment!

Bee Friendly Backyard

Create a bee-friendly space in your garden.

Bee-Licious Recipes

Make use of delicious honey with these tasty recipes!

How To Grow Wildflowers

The simplest thing you can do to help save the bees is to plant some wildflowers.



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