Annuals you can grow indoors

Love the colour and freshness of annuals but don’t have any space outdoors? Don’t worry, many of them do just fine inside! This is the time of year when people are out in their backyards landscaping, planting vegetables and filling flower beds with explosions of colour. A sunny windowsill is all that’s needed to enjoy colourful annuals indoors, and better still, should outdoor space become available, all of these plants will easily transition to outdoor life again!

Here’s a look at the ones best suited for indoor growing.


Annuals you can grow indoors

This annual, a member of the mustard family, is delicate and fragrant. The tiny flowers come in white, lavender, pink, and dark purple.

It is popular as a bedding and groundcover plant because while it only grows 5-10cm high, if left alone it will spread up to 30cm in all directions. To grow, pot up and place in a sunny windowsill.


Annuals you can grow indoors

This annual is prized more for its foliage than for its flowers. It comes in a variety of colours from bright neon shades to more subdued earthy tones. Cuttings root easily and it will grow happily in a sunny window but the colours will really pop if kept in more indirect light.

To keep them bushy, pinch off the flower spikes as soon as they appear, if left on the plant it will get leggy very quickly.


Annuals you can grow indoors

Geraniums are a relatively carefree plant, so are great for beginners or those without a green thumb. They are happy in a sunny window and the key to a successful growing endeavour is not to over-water them.


Annuals you can grow indoors

These are one of the most popular bedding plants around but they also do well inside. Impatiens do take a little extra work as they must be pinched back regularly to avoid becoming leggy. They prefer partial sun at most and moist soil.


Annuals you can grow indoors

The common Wax begonia makes for a lovely houseplant. They do well in any bright sunny spot but will also thrive in areas that get partial shade or indirect light.