The unwelcome guest at a family picnic or barbecue, wasps can be a nuisance but even worse they can cause damage in the garden. They munch away on insects which can upset the forest food chain and sometimes build their nests a little too close for comfort.

Wasp-X is an innovative product from the US which allows you to deal with wasp nests without getting too close! Wasp-X is a low toxicity foam formulation that is suitable for both domestic and commercial use and requires no handling certificates to use.

You can apply from 15 feet away in one second bursts which gives value to usage. The spray targets the nest with no spray drift and harm to other plants around. Once the foam hits, it sticks to the nest, expands and penetrates which kills the wasps by contact and ingestion. The residue remains on the nest which renders it unusable for any wasps in the future.

By using Wasp-X you will eliminate the need to use organophosphates such as Carbaryl, Malathion and also other higher toxicity Synthetic Pyrethoids and even Arsenic powder.

By managing wasps in the garden you are also doing a favour for the bee population as wasps are a significant predator.