The Best Houseplants for your Bedroom to Help You Sleep Better

The Best Houseplants for your Bedroom to Help You Sleep Better

Turn your bedroom into a purified, peaceful oasis with the added bonus of a better night’s sleep. We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, around 8 hours each night which means it’s super important that your space is as peaceful as it can be, to encourage a great night’s sleep.

Studies have shown that adding plants to your bedroom can help with relaxation and air purifying. Many plants are proven to help to remove toxins and improve the overall air quality, which is key for a peaceful night’s rest.


Here are our favourite houseplants for better sleep:


Snake Plant

Snake plants are great as a low maintenance option, they can handle pretty much any kind of light and don’t mind a low light environment. Just be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight, as they can burn. These guys don’t require much water either so they are a perfect choice if you have a habit of forgetting about your plant babies.




These trailing beauties come in all different colours and varieties, and not only do they look stunning, but they are great for all levels of houseplant owners. You can pop these babies just about anywhere, their glossy leaves will trail over dressers, shelves, hanging or standing planters. They prefer a moderate light level but will tolerate low light too. Make sure between waterings you let them dry out completely.



Rubber Plant Rubber plant - plants for better health

Another hit with houseplant beginners, the glossy, dark, and sometimes variegated leaves on this upright plant make a real statement in a room, perfect for a small space as a feature piece. These beauties prefer bright light, and if possible, filtered morning sun, however they can also tolerate lower light conditions. Be sure to water only when the soil is dry to the touch (about once a week in summer and in the dry winter months it can go for a long time between waterings).




This easy going plant, also known as the Swiss Cheese plant, requires only moderate light and sporadic watering (about once a week in the warmer months and during winter only when it is completely dry), plus it’s large leaves make a real statement in any space.




Dracaena Dracaena - plants for better health

This popular houseplant certainly makes a statement with it’s unique look. Perfect for any free corner of your bedroom, these lovely plants can grow up to three feet if given the right conditions. They like moderate light and lightly moist soil, so popping this guy near a window is a great idea.




Zamioculcas Zamifolia (ZZ plant)ZZ plants for better health

With shiny leaves and bold, upright form, the ZZ plant makes an absolutely stunning addition to a bedroom, bringing an air of sophistication. This beauty looks great on a bedside table, dressing table or an empty floor space. The ZZ, Otherwise known as Zamioculas Zamifolia tolerates extremely low light levels and irregular watering. Be sure to water only when the top few inches of soil feel dry.



Lavender Lavender - plants for better health

Lavender makes a cute accent plant, with it’s purple flowers and lovely scent. This perennial won’t last all year round indoors though, but you will get a few good months out of it. Once your lavender’s blooms do start to fade, don’t give up, plant her outside and she will continue to flourish.



Parlor Palm

This houseplant diva is a little dramatic and certainly more tricky to care for, but boy does she make a space look grand. This plant needs bright indoor light and constant, light moisture. We think it’s very much worth the effort for the elegance this houseplant brings to a space.



Philodendron Heart Leaf

This trailing beauty looks magnificent on top of a dresser or bedside table and is super low maintenance. The Philodendron is super hardy, can tolerate some dryness, and prefers to dry out completely between waterings. This beauty likes bright indirect light so if you can, place her near a window where the suns rays will not touch her.




This beauty blooms for the longest time out of any houseplant, the flowers can last for up to eight weeks, with new ones popping up very regularly. Anthuriums will add a welcome pop of colour to any space. This guy prefers bright light and doesn’t mind humidity, so we recommend keeping this one close to a window. The more light it receives, the more you should water it, as a rule water every week in the warmer months and only when the soil has completely dried out.


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