Have you heard about the ZingBokashi Composting System? This system allows you to turn kitchen scraps into organic compost, in just 4 weeks!

The system ferments kitchen waste in a simple, easy to use, cost effective process, so you can enjoy:

  • Less kitchen odour – as the food ferments rather than rots
  • Significantly faster composting time – up to 50% faster than traditional composting methods!
  • Increased plant growth – faster nutrient uptake

Bokashi composting is the process of fermenting organic waste instead of decomposing it. It is a very sustainable practice for composting food waste that is efficient and cost effective without causing environmental problems. Organic waste is essentially pickled using a suite of beneficial microbes. These microbes are all safe and are sourced from within the local environment. Many are used in common everyday food processing, such as yeast and lactic acid bacteria.

In the process, organic waste is fermented in an airtight environment where very few microbes can survive. Some greenhouse gas-producing microbes cannot function or survive under these conditions and virtually all disease causing organisms are destroyed.

Once fermented, the food waste can be added directly to the soil. The soil will be ready for planting in a very short time with seedlings being able to be planted out within 10 days of adding the fermented material to the soil.

This composting system is ideal for use the home garden to enhance the garden soil and reduce the purchase of chemical fertilisers and pesticides and return healthy food back to the table.


When you use ZingBokashi to maintain high populations of beneficial micro-organisms in the soil, they will:

  • Improve physical, chemical and biological environments in the soil and help to eliminate soil borne pathogens and pests.
  • Promote germination, flowering, fruiting and ripening in plants
  • Increase the effectiveness of organic materials as fertilisers
  • Ensure better germination and plant establishment
  • Enhance the photosynthetic capacity of plants
  • Eliminate putrefactive soil that stresses plants

You can find out more about the ZingBokashi Composting System here http://www.zingbokashi.co.nz/.