Nothing looks prettier than a riot of colour cascading from a hanging basket. They are a great way to bring interest and colour to a deck, railing and pergolas.

Now that spring has arrived there are loads of beautiful flowers (and edibles) that you can plant in your hanging baskets and enjoy over the coming months.

Plant up your own baskets with these easy steps:

  1. Put an old saucer in the bottom of the hanging basket to retain moisture.
  2. Cut slits in the liner where you wish to have plants growing from the sides of the basket.
  3. Fill with potting mix until level with the slits, and mix in water storage crystals.
  4. Thread your favourite seedlings through the slits, then continue filling with potting mix until you reach a level to pot the remainder of your plants.
  5. Position the rest of your plants. Fill and firm potting mix around plants, ensuring final potting mix level is at least 1cm below the top rim of the basket.
  6. Water basket regularly to ensure blooms all summer long.


We recommend these plants for hanging baskets, all of which are flowering and in store now:

bacopa calibrachoa

Bacopa & Calibrachoa

petunia begonia

Petunia & Begonia

Or give these edible hanging baskets a go!

lettuce strawberries

Lettuce & Strawberries

tomato herbs

Tomatoes & Herbs