By Dee Archibald

Advent calendars just got a whole lot more exciting! Make your own and you not only cut down on all the sugar the bought ones contain, but you get all the pre-Christmas jobs ticked off and entertain the kids at the same time!

You will need:

– Christmas twine

– 24 little bags or envelopes (I found these woven bags/boxes tucked away in my cupboard and made some little bags from patterned paper to make up the numbers)

– A chunky stick or piece of dowel for hanging (alternatively use a large jar to store them)

– (optional) Some treats/small toys – small enough to fit in the bags. (You will need 8 if you use my print outs)


Step 1:

Decide what needs to be done in the month of December. Include any excursions such as dance concerts or any fun outings you’d like to do with the kids. Alternatively use my print outs (below), I have 16 ideas leaving 8 spare bags for treats.

Print/write them onto little notes that can be folded and added to each bag. Think about what dates you need to be doing each event so they can be done in some sort of order.


Step 2:

Cut them out, as with the little number cards (which will need to be hole punched also). Thread the number onto the corresponding bag with the twine then attach (in order) to your branch. An alternative if you don’t want to hang this is popping numbered envelopes (in order) inside a large glass jar.

Print outs:

Download the print outs here


Happy Crafting and Merry Christmas x