By Dee Archibald

Bring a bit of French country to your garden with this aged pot wall garden. A great way to grow herbs or potted colour!

What you will need:

  • Small terracotta pots. I used 6 but entirely up to you how many you use. Around $1.50 each at Palmers.
  • A plank of wood (I found a recycled piece at a demo yard for free as it had lead paint on it)
  • Some thick (around 6-8 mm) rope. You’ll need about 500mm per pot you use
  • A can of white stone spray ($22.50 at hardware stores)
  • Some house or acrylic paint in a pale moss colour
  • Sandpaper
  • Clear spray paint
  • Plants
  • Chalkboard stickers (optional)



Spray a light coat of stone spray onto the outside of your pots and leave them to dry. (It will take around 4-6 hours) Then sand them back in places so that there is still a lot of texture remaining. Water down the house/ acrylic paint and paint the pots with one coat. Once that has dried, sand back again until you have reached your desired effect. Dust off and give a coat or two of clear spray to protect if putting them outside.


Cut your plank of wood to size and measure and mark out where you are going to drill 10mm holes for each pot to hang evenly. Cut your rope into 500mm pieces and thread them through the holes to make a loop in the front. Use a pot to measure how big the loop will need to be, pull it tightly and tie a knot in the back.


Hang your frame on the wall. You may need to add some spacers to the back as the knots will make it stick out from the wall making it difficult to hang. Once it’s up you can pot up your plants, stick on your chalkboard stickers (optional) and pop the pots through the rope loops to hang them.

Happy crafting x

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