DIY Bee Bath

Creating a DIY bee bath at home is a great way to help the bees! Bees are great pollinators and therefore play a key role in producing a lot of the food we eat. Bringing the bees to your garden is great for keeping it healthy and productive. Planting bee friendly plants such as herbs, dahlia, sunflower, hebe, zinnia, cornflowers, sweet peas and more, and creating an attractive habitat for the bees is enough to welcome them into your patch.

Bees need a supply of water, as being a bee is thirsty work! Water is not always easy for bees to find, so adding a DIY bee bath to your garden will help them out immensely.

Creating a DIY bee bath at home is extremely simple and is a great activity for your children to get involved in too!

DIY bee bath

You will need:

  • A shallow dish, saucer, bowl or other vessel to fill with water
  • Pebbles, rocks, stones or other items that you can place in your bath for the bees and other pollinators to perch on
  • Water to fill your bath

Here are the step by step instructions on how to create a DIY bee bath at home:

Step 1: Find a space in your garden, preferably near bee friendly plants

Step 2: In a shallow dish, saucer or bird bath, add some small rocks or pebbles to the base of the DIY bee bath

Step 3: Fill with enough water to almost cover the rocks

Step 4: Sit back and wait for the bees to come and visit your garden!

Note: Make sure you top up the water regularly.

Here are a few ideas below:

DIY bee bath

Bee Friendly Plants

If you need some handy hints on what to plant in your garden to make it more bee friendly, check out the link here for our Bee Friendly plants poster.