By Dee Archibald

I am just loving anything boho around the home at the moment and this is an easy and cost effective way to bring a statement piece into a room.

You will need: boho-wall-hanger-2

  • Some long and short pieces of wool, leather, lace or cotton cord and/or anything else you see in your travels. Cho
    ose something that is thick in appearance or you will end up having to cut and thread thousands of pieces when it comes time to construct. The amount required will depend on the length and width you are going to fit into your space so it is a bit of a guessing game.
  • You will need to make a trip to the beach so you can pick out the perfect piece of driftwood to make this project, or you can change it up with a big metal or wooden ring if you can find one for sale.
  • Any ‘extras’ you would like to add to personalise it and suit your room. E.g. feathers, beads, shells, lace, felting wool, etc.

Step 1

Cut your leather/wool to size. Bear in mind that each piece will be doubled over when it’s added to the frame. Figure out how long you would like your hanger to be at its longest point and what overall shape you would like it to be. I decided to make a triangular shape so started by cutting the longest piece and making each consecutive one slightly shorter. Don’t be too precise with each length as you can cut them at the end once they are all hanging to get the shape your desire. Don’t forget to put them in order of length so you know which one to thread next.

Step 2boho-wall-hanger-3

Fold each piece in half and add it to the driftwood/frame making a larks head knot by passing the ends under center-line fold. Pull it tight. As my shape is a triangle, I have added the longest piece of leather first in the middle of the driftwood piece and the next smallest on each side. Continue until you have used up all your pieces or have the desired quantity attached.

Step 4

Hang on the wall temporarily to cut into shape if it isn’t already how you would like it. I chose a rather sculptured shape that isn’t to perfect to give it a dramatic effect. Next it’s time to give it some personality and texture (unless you like the simplistic look). I moulded some felting wool into long strands, as the old fashioned natural wool I wanted wasn’t available. I also added it with the same larks head knot at intervals between the leather stands and twisted it around itself. Lastly, I added a long piece of lace and attached 3 white feathers on the ends.

Happy crafting!boho-wall-hanger-1