By Dee Archibald

This is a relatively quick and easy project that I think you could have some fun with. Although I love this botanical version, you could try changing it up with other textures to make a different print altogether.

You will need:

  • A bag of plaster
  • Cooking oil spray
  • A springform cake tin (without the base)
  • A big leaf with plenty of grooves and detail
  • A little sand
  • A small piece of wire (or a picture hook which can be glued later)
  • Sandpaper
  • Vanish or Matt medium depending on the finish you’re after

Step 1

Use a flat surface and put a cup or two of sand on some cardboard/newspaper (I found this helped to cushion the soft parts of the leaf a little and leave a better print). Mould it to make a round shape that will fit your springform tin inside and flatten it off as much as possible. Place your leaf face down on the sand, thinking about what part of the leaf you would like to make a cast of, then place the springform tin over the top. Give the inside a coat of cooking oil spray to make it easier to remove the mould once dry.

Step 2

Make a little hook for the back with some wire bending the edges as pictured or skip this step if you prefer to use a picture hook and glue it on later.

Step 3

Mix your plaster in an old container roughly, 2 parts powder to 1 part water. Adjust the mix by adding more water or plaster until you have a thick runny mixture. I had a couple of attempts here as my first mixture was a bit too thick and didn’t mould as well as I wanted to the leaf (There’s a fine line between too thin or too thick). Pour it into the mould while at the same time pressing down on the springform tin firmly so the mixture doesn’t escape between the tin and leaf (Another pair of hands might come in handy here!) You will need to work fast as it will start to set quickly. Once the mixture is in, flatten it as much as possible with your mixing spoon and add your hook, taking note of which way up you want it to hang. Then place something heavy on the top for a good few hours while it cures.

Step 4

Take care when removing the cast as it will still be a little soft. Remove the leaf first then unclip the springform tin so it slips out. You can now sand any rough edges gently with fine sandpaper. Leave it to dry overnight before you seal it with either your vanish (for a shiny look) or Matt medium for a more natural finish.

Tip: How much plaster mixture you use will depend on the size of your tin but you want to be around 10-15mms thick, anymore and it will be too heavy.

Hang and enjoy,
Happy Crafting x