By Dee Archibald

These concrete pots look great both indoors and outdoors! You can change the paint colour depending on your style, or just leave them as natural concrete for an earthy, rustic look.

What you will need:

  • A small bag of cement $12.95 (you may be able to get a cheaper smaller bag)
  • A small bag of east coast sand $12.95 (you may be able to get a cheaper smaller bag)
  • White oxide $3.70 (optional depending on how light in colour you want the concrete to dry)
  • Some plastic containers e.g. honey pots, milk cartons, sour cream and butter containers
  • Some cooking oil spray
  • Spray paint (the best metallic paint I’ve found is from Super Cheap Auto and is only $6.95!)
  • Masking tape
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Sealer spray (optional)
  • Plants and soil or candle wax

pots 2

Tip: When choosing your containers you will need a bigger one for the outside of the pot and a smaller one acting like a plug to form the inside of the pot. I used some disposable plastic cups and shot glasses for the plugs in mine. Plastic or cardboard such as cartons are best for being able to remove the pot once it has dried. Metal was almost impossible. Containers that are tapered makes them easier to remove.


Spray the inside of your big containers with some cooking oil and the outside of your small containers. Use an old bucket and spoon for mixing and add 1 part cement to 2 parts sand. Add the oxide depending on the instructions but keeping in mind the more you add the whiter the cement will go. Mix the dry ingredients and then add enough water to make it thick but still runny enough to pour.


Once you have poured into the larger pots add your plug. Make sure it is straight and that there is at least 5 millimetres left at the top of the container, then you will need to add some sand or rocks to it to weigh it down. Leave to set for around 48 hours before removing the moulds. The plug can be removed by giving it a wiggle, then tip the larger container upside down and drop it on a hard surface to loosen it from the mould. They will need about a weeks drying time once out of the moulds before you can sand and paint them.


You will notice the top of the pot is a little rough, you may like it rustic like that or use a fine sand paper to take the uneven bits off (It doesn’t take much to sand it flat). Use some masking tape to create lines or shapes. I painted the bottoms of most of mine to give a dipped look and painted some geometric shapes on others.


Spray 3 even coats of paint onto your pots letting paint dry in between. You may like to spray with a sealer as concrete is quite pouris like terracotta is and can absorb a lot of the water your plant needs, but this step is optional. When they are fully dry remove the masking tape and pot up with your choice of plants or have a candle poured into them. Make sure you add some rocks for drainage before the soil if you are using any plants other than succulents. If you are using succulents you probably don’t need to add the rocks as they require so little water anyway.

Happy crafting x