By Dee Archibald

Add this modern piece of furniture to your decor. It’s cheap and super easy to do, after all the mold is just a simple bucket!

Untitled-1What you will need:

  • Cement
  • East Coast sand
  • White oxide (optional if you want whiter cement)
  • 3 lengths of dowel
  • White paint
  • Masking tape
  • Sand paper
  • A round bucket
  • 9 screws
  • Cooking oil spray


I shopped around for a bucket that was slightly bigger than your average bucket but it depends on the overall size you would like you stool/ table to be. Also, you will need to think about what grooves your bucket has as they will all come out on your cement table/stool top.


Use 3 stews per Piece of dowel, screwing them in evenly to one end as in picture 1. This is the best time to cut your dowel pieces down to give the height of your stool.


Spray the inside of your bucket with cooking oil. Then mix 1 part cement to 2 parts sand and add water until you get a thick consistency. Once you have poured in enough cement to achieve the thickness of your stool you require, lift the bucket and gently bang it down on the floor a few times to get rid of any air bubbles.


Insert the screw ends of the dowel into the cement so that they are evenly spaced. Because my bucket was wider at the top end, I used pieces of polystyrene and tape to hold them out slightly from the edge of the bucket. Give it a few days to cure and then pull it out of the bucket by the legs.


To create the paint dipped look, flip your stool upside down and measure how far you would like the paint to go up each leg to ensure they are all even. Use masking tape to cover before applying 2-3 coats of white paint. Once dry, use sandpaper to shape the underside of the concrete removing any sharp edges.

Happy crafting! x