By Dee Archibald

I love a good beach stroll after a storm. So many treasures to be found! Driftwood looks great in a terrarium or a garden but why not make it into a garden of it’s own!

You will need:

  • A lovely piece of driftwood preferably with crevices and nooks
  • A selection of succulent plants or cuttings
  • A little soil
  • Mosses
  • A small paintbrush

Step 1: If your piece of driftwood doesn’t have enough little hollows to plant into then you are going to need to drill some in. Hubby helped me here and used a drill and 25mm spade bit. You want these to be as deep as possible without going through the other side so make sure the wood is thick enough where you want to drill.

Step 2: Press some soil into the holes and crevices that you want to plant up. Make sure you press it in very firmly. Use the end of a small paint brush to make a hole big enough for the plants stem or roots. Push the plant in and use the paintbrush end to press the soil around it and hold it in place. You may need to add a wee bit more soil to fill the hole.

Step 3: Once you have all your plants where you want them use bits of moss around each plant pressing it in firmly. You can also tuck moss into any crevices available. If your piece of driftwood doesn’t have many cracks and you want to use more moss you can use a glue gun to stick dry tree moss or lichen down in places.

Either lie your driftwood on a table/ledge or add a hook to the back and hang it vertically on a wall.