By Dee Archibald

These are great in the kids rooms, the office or to give as gifts. They brighten up a space and tidy up your treasured bits and pieces that otherwise crowd the front of the fridge!

2You will need:

  • A 5mm piece of MDF board in the desired size you wish
  • A piece of thick fabric bigger than the board by about 2 inches each side
  • A sheet of Dacron bigger than the board by about 1 inch each side.
  • Ribbons and cords in different textures and colours
  • A staple gun with 6mm staples
  • A thick piece of string or cord to hang.

Step 1: Iron your fabric to remove all the creases. Place your fabric upside down and spread it as flat as possible then lay the dacron on top so there is an even amount of fabric on each side of it. Do the same with the MDF. Start at one edge, fold the fabric over the edge of the dacron and then fold both the Dacron and fabric over the board using the staple gun to secure in 3-4 places.

Do the same with the opposite side and remaining sides pulling it tight across the front. The last 2 sides will need to be folded on an angle at the corners like you wrap a present.

Step 2: Tie a knot in your piece of string and staple gun it onto the back for hanging

Step 3: Staple your ribbons on a diagonal angle across the board pulling each one really tight before securing and then adding ribbons on the opposite diagonal to finish.

Pop photos, certificates and memorabilia between the ribbons and hang on the wall

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Happy Crafting x