DIY Fairy Garden

Fairy Gardens are magical places for adults and children alike! Learn how to make your own from materials you already have around the house.

The best thing about these Fairy Gardens is that you can let your imagination run wild! There is no rules about what to include, however you will likely need the following:

  • A container (Could be an old pot, a bowl, planter etc)
  • Potting Mix
  • Fairies, Gnomes, Wizards (or any other figures you want to include)
  • Decorations (could be rocks, gems etc)
  • Small plants

Step 1:

Choose your container

When selecting a container ensure you consider how the fairy garden will be used, and the location it will be placed in.

If it is going to be played in often, it would be best to opt for something less likely to break such as an old pot or wooden planter.

If you have the space you can also create a fairy garden outside in your backyard!

Step 2:

Pick Plants

Once again, this is a great time to get creative! Take a look around the garden for any plants that could be replanted in the fairy garden!

Succulents if available are a great choice as they are easy to look after, and are a great way to teach kids about gardening/plant care. Any foliage, moss or grass can also make a beautiful addition to any fairy garden.

Step 3:

Add Soil

Using potting mix, rather than dirt from the garden is going to give your fairy garden the best chance at growing if you are creating your fairy garden in any container.

Step 4:

Bring it all together

Now is the time to get really creative, plant all your plants that have been gathered and then add in all decorations.

We’ve included a few examples that we love for some inspiration!