By Dee Archibald

Once I started I couldn’t resist making a whole bouquet of these fuzzy little flowers!

All you will need is a few sheets of felt, some wire, a glue gun and a good pair of sharp scissors.


Cut your felt into the above shapes.

  1. Take the small green strip and tie a knot in it.
  2. Take the two ends of the knot and fold it over the top of your piece of wire, glue them down.
  3. Take the large swirl. Starting at the middle, wind it round and round the knot glueing as you go.
  4. Cut 3 slits about 1 cm long and 1 cm apart on one side of each petal. Overlap and glue them so that they cup.
  5. Stick each petal on with glue over lapping them and cutting off any excess to shape them.
  6. Poke the wire through the little flower-shaped calyx and slide it on then glue to the base of the flower.
  7. Add leaves and glue to the base of flower.


This one is really similar to the ranunculus only the petals just need 1 slit in them to create less of a cupped shape. Follow the directions above but instead of starting with the knot, use the swirl starting at the middle and rolling it on to the wire gluing as you go.


  1. Cut as to the above picture with 5 different sized petals of 6 or 4. Give them a slight ruffled edge, no need to be too perfect as in nature.
  2. Cut 1-2 slits per petal (1 slit for smaller petals and 2 as they get larger) overlap and glue.
  3. Start with the smallest petals attaching them to the wire overlapping them and glueing them as you go.
  4. Add the calyx and leaves to finish.


  1. Cut your felt into the above assortment of shapes.
  2. Fold both ends of the knot over the tip of the wire and glue.
  3. Starting at one end wrap the other black piece of felt around the knot, bristles up and glue.
  4. Add the 3 smaller petals so they sit flat and overlap each other, then the final 5 larger petals.
  5. Add the calyx and leaves


  1. Cut the shapes as above photo.
  2. Fold the large rectangle in half lengthways and glue the edges together.
  3. Cut a fringe all the way to the end at the folded edge.
  4. Wrap it around the wire glueing as you go.
  5. Add the calyx and leaves.

You can also make some stems of greenery to add to your bouquet

Felt flowers have many uses, try adding one to a folded card to make a cute 3D greeting card or make a garland to hang.

Happy Crafting x