By Dee Archibald

This is one for the kids! They love the process from start to finish, collecting the acorns, dressing them in hats, and aligning each one depending on its size with a member of your family. My kids loved making these so much, they made extra ones of their friends families to give to them as gifts!

You will need:

  • Acorns (and their little hats). Search for acorn trees in your neighbourhood or local parks and collect them from the ground below the tree.
  • Googley eyes from a craft store
  • A flat rock (let the treasure hunt begin!)
  • Green moss or spray paint some lichen green (optional but it does look great!)
  • A glue gun

Step 1:

Decide which acorns fit each family members size and glue a hat to the top of the acorn (the flatter end is the bottom)





Step 2:

Add 2 eyes to each one (it might be easier to get an adult to do this bit to avoid burnt little fingers!)





Step 3:

Glue each one to the rock. Use quite a bit of glue and don’t worry if it oozes out too much as it will be covered with the moss. Gather them in a group with the bigger ones near the middle.

Step 4:

Glue some moss around the acorns and adorn with any other little treasures you find on your travels.