Originating in 1900, the Native American culture made Dream Catcher as protective charms for their children. It was said that they ‘caught any harm that might be in the air as a spider’s web catches and hold whatever comes in contact with it’.

You will need:

  • A colour theme
  • A wooden or metal ring
  • A fabric doily
  • Feathers or beads (optional)
  • 3m of leather rope or ribbon
  • Some 60cm lengths of lace, ribbon, twine, sequins or any other fabric that ties in with your colour theme and you want to hang from the hoop

Step 1: Wind your leather rope or ribbon around your hoop tightly until it is completely covered. Leave around 30cms at each end so that you can tie a knot to hold it in place and then bring the two ends together to tie for hanging. If you are using ribbon to wrap your hoop, use a 40-60 piece of leather rope to tie a knot over the end which holds it in place and then bring the two ends together and tie for hanging.

Step 2: Place your doily in the middle of the hoop and thread the left over leather rope through each outer loop of the doily and then back over the loop creating a spider web effect. Pull each side tight until it is even and in the middle of the hoop then tie a knot to secure.

Step 3: Use a cow hitch knot to add each of the hanging ribbons to the bottom half of the hoop. Make sure they are all going the same direction and mix the colours and textures up. Cut then at the bottom to tidy them up and add any finishing touches such as feathers or beads.