By Dee Archibald

I love the idea of a planted fairy garden but let’s face it, unless it’s supervised or out of reach, my two year old would take great delight in pulling each plant out to its death one by one! So I’ve designed this fairy garden with minimal ‘living’ elements, which would look cute in a kids room or use it as a centerpiece on a party table.

You will need:

  • a glue gun
  • popsicle sticks and a button to make a fairy door or buy a pre made fairy door from the “Miniature World” selection available in store
  • a suitable base, I used a log slice round
  • accessories – some little fairy or animal figurines, toadstools, pinecones, branches etc.
  • some tiny pebbles
  • a square of fake moss available in store
  • a small bowl (it needs to be small enough for the moss to cover)


DIY Miniature Garden

Cut some triangular pieces out of each side of your moss square and glue the centre of the bowl to the underside of the moss square. Glue the sides of the moss square down so that the triangles come together and cut the excess corners off around the base of the bowl. It doesn’t need to be perfect, you are making a hill which would have many bumps and lumps! Glue the bowl to your base so that there is plenty of room at the front for your accessories.


DIY Miniature Garden

Follow the guide in the picture above to put together your fairy door, glueing the sticks together and cutting of the excess pieces with a strong pair of scissors to create an arch at the top and a flat bottom. Use some wood stain or paint to finish the door and attach a button for a door knob, then glue your fairy door to the front of the hill.


DIY Miniature Garden

Shape a pathway from the door with glue adding pebbles as you go and pressing them down to secure them, shaking off any excess. Glue down your accessories.

DIY Miniature Garden