By Dee Archibald

Miniature gardens are so easy to make and are great fun for kids and adults!

You will need:

  • any container you would like to make your miniature garden in
  • potting mix
  • small pebbles or stones
  • range of miniature world items such as houses, gnomes, benches, swings, animals and more!
  • miniature plants such as succulents, ferns and grasses
  • moss
  • florist wire (optional)
  • paintbrush to dust down at the end


DIY Miniature Garden

Start by filling up your container with dirt up to the level you want to place your plants and decoration items in. If you want to add hills and curves to the area, build up a mound of soil to form these hills and press firmly with your hands to ensure it keeps it shape.


DIY Miniature Garden

Spread out your garden items outside the container so you have a clear idea of what goes where before you place everything in.


DIY Miniature Garden

Start placing the larger items on the surface area ensuring there is an even spread of decorations across the scene. Note any pieces that might need securing more firmly later. Depending on how clear your original plan is, take the time to step back and evaluate the layout and move things around till you get it just the way you want it.


DIY Miniature Garden

Once all the accessories are in place, you can start adding the greenery. Remove the plants from their containers and add carefully into the space. Loosen up the roots of the plant by shaking them a little and removing some of the excess soil. Use your fingers to create a hole in the soil then place the plants roots in the hole so that the plant is level with the soil. Repeat this step using all the plants you need for your design and pack firmly adding excess soil if required.

Use moss, stones, and pebbles to fill in any areas where the soil is still showing. To create steps on a hill, simply push in pieces of old terracotta or large flat stones into the mounded area.

To secure larger items in place or to add stability, use wire (we suggest green florist wire) folded into hair pin sized shapes and push in to the soil to hold the pieces into place.

Give the whole area a dusting using a soft paint brush, and spray with water to finish.

DIY Miniature Garden

If your mini garden is to be enjoyed indoors, make sure you place it where it has plenty of natural sunlight and good airflow. Be careful not to over water, so using a spray bottle will keep it looking fresh, with a small watering once a week.

Designs using succulents and cacti won’t require much water, just a spray of water occasionally, and regular trimming and maintenance will keep it looking beautiful.