By Dee Archibald

This pallet garden is easy to make and looks really effective hanging on a fence in the backyard, or simply sitting on a patio. Pallets are pretty easy to get hold of (for free) and look great with just about anything planted in them whether it be succulents, flowers or herbs and veges.

What you will need:

  • A pallet (you can usually pick an old one up from the side of the road for free in industrial areas)
  • White house paint (optional as you might like to keep yours natural)
  • Screws
  • Extra prices of wood (decking timber was the perfect width for my pallet)
  • Plants that don’t require a lot of water
  • Soil
  • Some sheets of plastic for lining (optional if you want it to last longer)
  • Staple gun (optional to attach lining if you are using lining)

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When your choosing your pallet try to go for one that requires as little work as possible. The one I used was perfect when I flipped it onto it’s back as it only required slats for the bottom of each planter box. Measure and cut pieces of wood to create planter boxes at each level and screw them on. You may be better off removing slats from the existing pallet and placing them on the front to keep the rustic feel.


Water down your white paint 2 parts water to 1 part paint and brush it on all over. The pallet should be quite poris and soak the paint in giving it a white wash look.


Once it’s dry, cut your plastic to size and staple on to the inside of each planter pocket. Cut off any excess pieces of plastic. Now is probably a good time to hang your pallet planter so it is not too heavy once soil has been added. Add your plants and fill remaining spots with extra soil. I used I a lot of plants that I had lying around that needed a home, in hindsight maybe too many! You would probably use less and I think they would look much nicer grouped together in their various forms.

Happy crafting x