By Dee Archibald

Here’s one for the kids, DIY Pinecone bird feeders are such a fun activity. Kids love the process of this, probably because it’s sticky and messy, much like this slime craze we seem to be having, then the waiting and watching for birds coming in for a snack on their creation.

You will need:Image of the equipment you will need, pinecones, bird seed, coconut oil and a brush

-A pinecone

-A piece of dowel or straight stick

-Glue gun


-Coconut oil



Step 1:

Glue your stick or dowel to the top of the pine cone then tie your twine tightly to a pine cone seed to hang.

Step one, pinecone glued to a small stick

Step 2:

Paint slightly melted coconut oil all over the pine cone and in the gaps.

Painting the melted coconut oil on to the pine cone

Step 3:

Dip the drenched pine cone in a bowl of birdseed until completely covered and shake excess off. Place on a piece of card board and pop in a cool place or the fridge to get the coconut oil to harden.

Rolling the pine cone in bird seed

Hang from a tree branch or other high place birds like to go.


Happy Crafting x