By Dee Archibald

Pom-poms are so versatile, everyone should know how to make them! Today I’m showing you how to make them the easy way. Thread them onto a garland or attach them to the end of a pencil or 2-3 on a headband. You can decorate just about anything with these cute, fuzzy, little balls of fluff!

Untitled-2You will need:

  • Some wool in your desired colour/s
  • A fork
  • Sharp scissors
  • Some thread (and a needle) or some nylon for threading your garland.

Step 1

Wrap your wool around the tip of your fork so that its just tight enough it doesn’t slip off. Make sure not to cover the base of the fork prongs as you will need a little hole to thread some wool/thread through. Keep wrapping until the wool is about 2cm in thickness from top to bottom.

Step 2

Slip a small piece of thread or wool through the middle hole you have created at the base of the prongs and pull it as tight as you can before tying in a knot.

5Step 3

Cut down each side with a sharp pair of scissors and remove from the fork

Step 4

You will notice your pom-pom is not particularly neat so now it’s time for a hair cut! Shape your pom-pom into a ball by cutting small amounts of wool from each side. The shorter you go the tighter and neater it will look. Start steps 1-5 again and again until you have desired amount of pom-poms to create a garland.

Step 5

Use a needle and thread or some nylon to poke through each pom-pom leaving some space in between each one randomly for effect. I cheated a little with mine as I wanted it really long and I added some felt pom-poms I brought at a dollar store!

Happy crafting!