By Dee Archibald

Glass vessels with layers of sand, soil and rocks are a pretty alternative to planting your indoor plants into ceramic containers. It doesn’t have to be an orchid either, any indoor plant will do!

You will need:

  • An orchid plant (I used a mini moth orchid) available in store
  • A glass vase (I used a 15cm fishbowl vase) large selection available in store
  • Sand
  • Pumice mix or gravel
  • Tiny pebbles (I used 2-4mm moonstruck pebbles) available in store
  • Soil
  • A small piece of ribbon

Step 1: Clean your vase with a soft cloth. Add a scoop of sand to the bottom.

Step 2: Add a layer of pumice or gravel but only to the outside edges of the vase. You are trying to leave a good amount of space to pop your orchid in later.

Step 3: It is optional to use a bigger pumice type stone here as in step 2 depending on how many layers you desire to see through the glass.

Step 4: Place your orchid (in its original pot as they don’t like to be re-potted) into the vase and press it into the sand until the rim of the pot is below the top of the vase.

Step 5: Now comes the tricky part! You need to add the soil in around the pot anyway you can. I like to use a plastic spoon to add the soil and the end of a paintbrush to push the soil in after you add it. It can be a tricky (and messy) process if the gap between the pot and vase is tight. Make sure you leave a few cm at the top for your pebbles to fit.

Step 6: Use a cloth to wipe your final 2cm inside of the vase. Try to get it as clean as possible before adding a layer of small pebbles right to the top. Orchids come attached with a little clip to a stake so they stay up straight. I like to swap the clip for a pretty piece of ribbon or twine (just because I’m a fusspot)!