How to dress your doorstep for Christmas Day

How to dress your doorstep for Christmas Day

How to dress your doorstep for Christmas Day

As we inch closer to the Silly Season we’re often asked what to plant at the front door for a dazzling Christmas display. A lot of it depends on the conditions of where you live, whether you’re exposed to a lot of sun or wind, how much space you have, the maintenance level of plants and your colour scheme of course! We’ve asked our in store garden experts for their favourite combinations that really roll out the welcome mat come Christmas Day!

Traditional Red and White

We had to start with this one! You can’t go past Poinsettia, a Christmas favourite! Poinsettia requires a bright, warm location. It should neither be subjected to direct sun nor to strong draughts. Make sure that you plant in well draining soil to avoid wet feet!

Another variation to the Christmas colour combo is the Petunia Hells White and Hells Red Magma. Petunia are looking incredible at this time of year. Plant in well drained soil in a sunny spot.


A Moment in the Mediterranean

A lavender and terracotta combination evokes a sense of the Mediterranean without having to leave home! One of our favourites this season is Lavender Purpleberry Ruffles, this beauty is eye-catching and a welcome addition to the already loved Ruffles Collection. Great for pots or borders with its compact habit and masses of blooms!

The addition of olives add a sense of sophistication with their gorgeous silvery foliage. Olives are versatile trees, forming a thick hedge or screen. They can be clipped as a topiary standard, thrive in large pots and can even be espalier-trained. Although olive trees can be grown in a range of climates, they produce best with a long, hot, dry summer to ripen the fruit, and cool winters.

Thyme or citrus make great aesthetic partners too!

Something a bit different!

The Petunia Amore Queen of Hearts is a happy circus of colour! What’s not to love about the little pink hearts on each flower? This beauty will happy grow in a pot, container or hanging basket. Just remember to keep your hanging baskets well watered as they tend to dry out quickly in warmer weather.

A Rosy Outlook

Roses have a wonderful festive feeling to them and they’re looking their best at present. Pop them in a pot or in your garden and enjoy their beautiful blooms and stunning scent.

We also love standard roses combined with gorgeous garden colour such as lavender or petunias.