There’s no denying gardens have changed a lot in the last few decades, morphing into multifunctional spaces where we eat, cook, work out, as well as grow plants. Gardening spaces have become more flexible than ever providing gorgeous outdoor living spaces where we can relax, grow more food and be in harmony with nature. We take a look at some of the global garden trends that can get you inspired for your Spring garden.

Embracing Alfresco

Alfresco Dining

Spring and summer is the ideal time for enjoying the outdoor space, perfect for those who lack space in kitchens or dining rooms.

Perfectly imperfect

Hands-Off Gardening

There’s an inspiring new way of looking at your garden which is good news for the more hands-off amongst us. Wabi-sabi – an acceptance of the natural cycle of growth, decay, and death – is nothing new for the Japanese who have been practicing this art since the 15th Century. Overgrown perennials, moss-covered stones, rusty iron gates and weathered pots are suddenly bang on-trend.

Purple reign


The colour of the year is purple, there are so many ways you can incorporate it into your garden. Add a pop of purple to your spring garden with some of the following blooms like dahlia, lavender, verbena or calla lily.

Grow your own

Grow Your Own

Even gardeners with small spaces can jump on the edible trend. Adding edible plants to your landscape is easy and attractive. Think planters on the balcony or pots on the windowsill.



The eco-friendly mindset has also led to more gardeners looking for ways to reuse items they may already have lying around, saving themselves from clutter and the items from the landfill. Almost anything, like these old boots, can be made into a unique planter. Just make sure to give the vessel proper drainage holes.

Bring the outdoors in

Indoor Plants

Houseplants go way beyond that fiddle-leaf fig sitting in your living room. Indoor hanging gardens have become especially popular. As long as you have the proper conditions, you can liven up practically any room with plants — even the bathroom (look for low-light, high humidity plants).

Add some architecture

Garden Shed

The humble garden shed is making a comeback. As our gardens grow smaller every year, outdoor structures have to justify their existence and that includes sheds. The ‘new-age style’ shed now transitions into a purpose-built outbuilding that can be used for a whole range of activities; a children’s play area, work space, studio, gym, potting area − or all of the above − in one cleverly designed structure.

Make it mindful


Mindfulness – the ancient Buddhist tradition of immersing yourself in the present moment – has become a huge buzzword in well-being over the past few years. Focus on incorporating elements which stimulate the senses – like accents of calming blues and energising yellows, pots of strongly-scented therapeutic Lavender and a water feature to create a relaxing ambience.