Gardening At The Bach

Deciding what to plant in your bach garden can be a real challenge. On one hand, you want the garden to look nice when you are there over the summer enjoying it, but you need it to survive the winter and cope with minimum hands-on care.

We’ve put together a list of hardy plants that will not only look great, but will thrive in NZ’s coastal locations and require little attention from you – so you can spend more time in your deck chair!



Libertia is a hardy grass that displays stunning, all year colour and flowers in spring and summer. It can look very effective mass planted and works well as a garden border, or planted under slender trees. Will thrive in sun or semi-shade and will grow to around 70-80cm in height.



Agaves are a stunning addition to the garden. They come in many different varieties, each with a slightly different leaf shape or colour. They will grow happily in sandy areas and love full sun (but can still grow in partial shade). Agaves will generate pups without much attention so are great if you are wanting to fill out a garden corner.



Lavender is a wonderful pollinator and will attract the local bees. Aside from its beautiful scent, it brings a beautiful pop of colour and cottage garden elegance to any backyard. Lavender can tolerate the heat but may need some frost protection. Perfect planted as a hedge or in among other plants.


Coprosma Repens

A hardy shrub that will happily grow and thrive in coastal areas. Displays oblong glossy, green leaves and orange berries which the local birds will enjoy. Works well as a hedge or in mixed plantings.


Echium Candicans

Displays stunning purple spike flowers that bees love and will happily grow in a coastal environment. A fast growing shrub that can reach up to 2.5m and grows best in full sun with good drainage.


Kniphofia (Red Hot Pokers)

These tall flowers live up to their name, looking like burning hot fire pokers with flowers of red and orange. They come in a range of sizes and are a hardy perennial for hot, sunny areas of the garden.



A Kiwi classic! Pohutukawa trees are an iconic addition to any backyard and will provide a home and food for many local birds. They are known to grow in the most precarious of locations including sandy banks and rocky cliffs, and can handle a strong sea breeze. Pohutukawa will eventually reach 15-20m in height so be sure you have room in your garden before you plant!