Nothing says summer like scrummy salads, especially when they’re packed with freshly picked produce straight from your garden. If you’re short on space, why not grow your favourite summer essentials from a hanging basket? Homegrown lettuces are an ideal place to start, as they are easy to grow and don’t require much space.

Lettuces prefer not to be in full sun, so a hanging basket is a good option for versatile positioning in a spot that also gets some shade from the sun in the middle of the day. A hanging basket is also an easy way to keep your lettuces close to hand for easy picking as you please, meaning they’re as fresh as possible for meal times.

Lettuce Bowl strawberryballbasket

Here’s how:

  • Put an old saucer in the bottom of the hanging basket to retain moisture
  • Use Palmers Potting Mix to pot up your hanging basket and mix in some water storage crystals to keep the basket hydrated between waterings.
  • Position your seedlings from the Palmers Fast Food range in the basket, filling and firming potting mix around your plants and ensuring that your final potting mix level is at least 1cm below the top rim of the basket
  • Water thoroughly


Hanging baskets need more watering than other containers, due to the air movement all around them causing increased evaporation. Lettuces like moist, but well-drained soil, so a hanging basket is ideal.

Herbs, strawberries and new varieties of trailing tomatoes also make great hanging baskets!