Hippeastrum are bulb flowering plants that produce a cluster of spectacular trumpet like flowers in stunning colour varieties. Originally from South America, these plants are also known as Amaryllis.

The hippeastrum produces one or two stalks that grow up to 30cm tall with wide light green leaves. The bulbs should flower about six to eight weeks after planting and depending on the size of the stalk can produce a number of flowers over a 4-6 week period.

Here’s how to plant your bulbs:

1. Pot hippeastrum bulbs directly into a sunny spot in the garden or into a container with drainage using Tui Bulb Mix. It is a good idea to soak the dried roots of the bulbs overnight before potting.

2. Each bulb is reasonably big (bigger than most spring flowering bulbs), so the pot just needs to be a little bigger than the bulb itself, or for a stunning display try planting a few different bulbs together in one large pot.

3. The nose of the bulb should be just above the containers rim with its shoulders protruding above the soil surface.

4. Pat down the soil firmly so no air pockets remain, being careful not to damage roots.

5. Water well and if in a container, place in a well-lit and warm spot.

6. Water sparingly until the new leaves develop and then start watering regularly. Do not let the mix dry out, but avoid excess water collecting in the saucer.

7. Feed every couple of weeks with a bulb fertiliser.

8. If potted, turn the pot regularly to prevent the flower stalk growing towards the light. Bulbs with large flowers should be staked.

9. When in flower, move the plant to a cooler place, which will extend the flowering period. Just like a bunch of cut flowers they’ll last longer if placed out of direct sunlight or in a cooler part of the house.

10. When flowering has finished allow the foliage to dry out and die down.

11. Allow the bulb a well-earned rest without food or water for 3 months. Afterwards remove the old foliage, wash bulb and repeat from the start to flower again in spring.

Range and colour selection varies by store.