In the depths of Winter, finding plants to colour your garden can be difficult. Hellebores, known as ‘Winter roses” or even “Christmas roses” is a plant that makes it’s debut during the cold months. These flowering beauties can start flowering from late May through to late July.

Hellebores are ideal for growing in shady spots or under trees, preferring good drainage. Hellebores also enjoy soil of higher pH, lime rather than acidic soils although as long as there is relatively neutral pH you can grow hellebores with Rhododendrons. In areas that have heavy clays, one needs to be a lot more careful to provide the necessary drainage. Planting in raised beds is one helpful solution or planting under trees is another.

Hellebores enjoy being mulched, which has many benefits — it keeps the plant moist and cool over the Summer, is a great source of organic material and is also really good at keeping the weeds down. The best time to apply mulch is generally in the Spring at the time when the old leaves are cut off just as the flower buds are appearing.

In recent years, breeding programmes have produced some stunning new hybrids. Below are some of our favourite newer varieties which you can find in store now:


Hellebores - Lily

A star in Hellebore collection, double white detailed with luscious raspberry veiling. Lily’s flowers resemble water lilies and bloom from autumn until late winter. The stems are strong and upright (35-40cm tall), the leaves are leathery and deep green. Mature flowers make for a gorgeous floral display. When flowering has finished it is advisable to trim back. A hardy plant that does best when positioned in part shade.


Hellebores - Jacob

A star in the prestigious gold collection. Jasper features beautiful pure white flowers from late Autumn through Winter. Large, outfacing, slightly fragrant, single, pure white flowers appear earlier than most. Flowers gradually age to a light green and in cooler temperatures are tinted pink. Avoid any pruning other than to remove dead or blemished leaves in spring. A hardy plant that is best positioned in part shade.


Hellebores - Camelot

A star in the gold collection. This is a lovely hybrid species from Germany. The compact pink buds open to creamy pink blooms flowering all winter. The long lasting flowers face outwards above handsome, rich green foliage on red stems. Camelot is a hardy plant that prefers part shade and well drained soil.


Hellebores - Jasper

A star in the gold collection. Jasper has cupped upward facing bright white flowers which dazzle with a brightness highlighted by a delicate yellow centre and rich dark green foliage. Blooming for a long period over Winter and produces a large number of flowers. Trim when finished flowering. A hardy plant that likes to be positioned in part shade.