Growing your own food really is one of those things, where Home Made, is Best Made. Food grown in the richest soil full of great natural fertilisers and Organic compost mix will give your Summer salads the best boost in wonderful enzymes and minerals. Nutrient dense food also tastes better and is generally ready for harvest sooner as it grows so fast. This definitely goes to show with leafy salad greens that can have the outer leaves picked in only two to three weeks.

What you will need:

1 wooden crate made from untreated timber. The ideal size is approximately 60cm x 40cm and 30cm high.

1 bag Tui Vegetable Mix

1 sack back of Tui Pea Hay

1 punnet of your favourite salad or veggie mix seedlings

Watering Can

Bonus item for success * 1 bottle of Seasol seaweed Tonic to reduce transplant shock


1) Fill your crate with 20cm of Pea Hay. This base will naturally decompose in the future to continue to feed your growing plants. The base of hay will make your present light enough to carry.

2) Add 15cm of Tui Vegetable mix which is packed with the right blend of natural based planting mix for a bumper crop.

3) Soak seedlings in a water and Seasol solution as per the product instructions. This will not only make it easier for the seedlings to come out, but it will feed and protect the young seedlings from getting a shock from transplanting. 

4) Plant your seedlings 15 – 20cm apart and water well with fresh clean water outside.

5) Top your crate garden with a 7cm layer of Pea Hay as mulch around your new seedlings.

6) Position your vege crate in a sunny spot and water well