Magnolias are admired for their large stunning flowers which brighten up the winter garden. Grown as large shrubs or trees, they produce showy, fragrant flowers that are white, pink, red, purple or yellow. Some varieties are evergreen with glossy and leathery leaves and some of these evergreen varieties have buds, stems and undersides of leaves that are covered with attractive gold, copper or brown felt-like hairs.

Flowering in winter through to spring, magnolias bring wonderful colour and fragrance to the garden. Below we talk about some of our favourite varieties available in store now.


Honey Tulip

A new release yellow magnolia with strong petal substance and retention of its colour intensity throughout the flowering season. It is a smaller growing tree and will flower on bare wood.


Felix Jury

This magnolia has huge leaves and huge flowers which open as red and move to a deep rosy pink over the flowering season. It is a smaller growing pyramid shaped tree which displays flowers well. Felix Jury has recently received an Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticulture Society.

Height: 5m



This magnolia has deep portwine red flowers of a good size. It is a smaller growing tree which flowers from a young age, though allow the tree a couple of years to develop to its true colour, size and form.

Height: 4m


Black Tulip

This magnolia has heavy textured black red blooms, looking like dark tulips. This variety is more wind tolerant than others and compact enough for most gardens. First flowers appear on young trees but may not be true to colour and size until a few years down the track.

Height: 3.5m


Burgundy Star

This magnolia has claret red star shaped large blooms up to 25cm across in spring. The trees distinctly narrow column growth habit makes it an ideal tree for courtyards, driveways, road verges and any area where size and shading can be an issue.

Height: 5m

You can read more about Mark Jury Magnolias here.