One of the best things about Christmas is having a beautifully fragrant pine tree in the living room, creating a relaxing yet festive atmosphere. Now that the Christmas tree has been taken down its time to spruce up the home with some equally gorgeous house plants. Not only do houseplants make us feel relaxed and happier but they also naturally clean the air of toxins and refresh oxygen levels. Indoor plants give life to otherwise simple rooms with their wide variety of shapes, sizes textures and colours they are a fantastic way to decorate any room.

Visit your local Palmers store to browse the range of house plants available. You’ll find a wide variety of colourful foliage and flowering plants that are sure to complement your home’s décor. Some of our favourites are:


kentia palmKalanchoe

Choosing and caring for house plants depends on the light, temperature, draughts, humidity and positioning. For everything you need to know from what to plant, where to plant and caring for your house plants see our ‘How to Grow House Plants’ guide here.