Thought a garden was a horizontal feature? Think again! Vertical wall gardens or ‘living walls’ are currently the hottest trend in gardens and are a great way to make use of a sunny fence or wall. If you’ve dreamed of having a garden, but are limited for ground space, going up provides a solution. It’s also the ideal way to liven up a plain wall or fence.

The Palmers exclusive “Plant Pocket” system is ideal for herbs, strawberries, flowering plants, ferns, succulents or lettuces. Because they are able to be attached to virtually any wall, they are great positioned in, or close to the kitchen, so that your herbs or fresh greens are within easy reach.

Plant pockets are eco friendly, as they are made from recyclable plastic bottles. Suitable for any outdoor areas; plant pockets are extremely durable, while still being lightweight and breathable. Because they have high water retention, they are far more water efficient than your vertical garden. Instead, they will soak up any excess water they are given and gradually release this into the plants. It’s an ideal solution for easy care or plants that are super thirsty.

Easy to install, we love plant pockets for creating the ‘wow’ factor in your garden.

Here’s how we put our cute herb garden together…

Step 1

We used metal ‘S’ hooks to hang the vertical, four pocket wall garden on a wooden fence. These can also be hung on concrete block wall with hooks using masonry plugs, trellis or wire fences. Alternatively, you can attach them to the wall with nails or screws through the adaptable eyelet hooks across the top.

Step 2

Starting at the bottom, 2/3 fill the pocket with Palmers Tub Mix; this contains a six month, slow release fertiliser and water storage crystals, which will assist with retaining water in the pockets.

wall pockets

Step 3

Place your herbs, strawberries, flowering plants, succulents, or lettuces in the middle of the pocket and then fill in around the root ball with extra soil and pack it down firmly. We’ve added edible violas in with our herb plants, which look fabulous as a salad garnish.

wall pockets 2

Step 4

Water in well and then make sure you keep your wall garden moist as it will dry out quicker than pots, due to air movement around the planter. We don’t recommend that you hang these inside or on house exterior walls where the moisture could damage walls.

wall pockets 3

Top Tip

Arrange your wall garden so that the taller growing varieties do not shade smaller plants. Spreading varieties are good to plant at the bottom, as they will cascade down. Likewise, the single pocket option is ideal for tumbling tomatoes.