Summer Deadheading

Summer deadheading can seem a little scary but is actually very beneficial for your garden. A trim here and there will encourage new growth and make for more flowers in the future. If you planted annuals and perennials in spring they will be ready for a trim up now. View our trimming tips below:

Deadheading roses

  • For long stem roses, trim to leave 5 buds from the main stem with secateurs. Basically trim off the dead roses without cutting the bush back too far or you will be participating in a winter prune which is far too early.
  • Carpet ground cover roses can be refreshed with loppers with a light trim to shear off the spent flowers.
  • Climbers can be tamed with loppers, especially the extendable variety of tools. Nip off the spent flowers but balance this with allowing some hips to stay for winter display.

Shape up perennials and annuals

  • Sunny faces of the marguerite daisy are a welcome site in summer. As the petals fall their stamens look raggedy so ship shape them with a light trim.
  • Penstemon need a tidy and so do lavender. Take off 1/3 of the height to encourage more flowers. Be sure not to trim back too hard or you may expose their woody legs.

In the vege and herb garden

Let some herbs go to seed and flower. This will attract beneficial insects into the garden and better balance the health of your plants with their presence. For herbs you wish to keep eating; manage their tendency to bolt to flower with a light trim of the woody seed shoots. Herbs that have gone to flower will be bitter so give them a boost and keep on top of watering in the height of sunny days.