Top 10 Spring Gardening Ideas

Grow microgreens

spring gardening ideasSmall in size and big on flavour, microgreens are basically tiny salad leaves. Appearances are definitely deceiving when it comes to the humble microgreens, as they pack a real nutritional punch despite their dwarfed size. They’re simple to grow on a sunny windowsill, and you can be harvesting within a matter of days. Just snip off what you need to spice up your salads and sides. We recommend the Fothergills Sprouter and Sprout seeds.

Choose your colours

Carefully select which colours you want to see spring up in your garden this season. Did you know that looking at red and violet colours can be stimulating, while orange and yellow have been found to make us feel happier? Blue and green traditionally evoke a feeling of calmness. White can make spaces feel bigger and more open, and is a great contrast if you have a lot of other colours going on. Think about what feelings you want your garden to evoke, and plant a colour palette that creates that feeling.

Grow your own fruit bowl

One of the absolute best things about spring and summer is the variety of fruit that comes into season – from nectarines and plums to delicious strawberries. Nothing beats picking ripened fruit fresh from your own backyard and it’s easier than you think. Start small with one type of fruit and watch your homegrown fruit bowl grow!

spring gardening ideas

Smell the roses

For centuries great beauties have been compared to the delicate rose. Because really, what’s prettier than a rose? No garden should be without one and the varieties bred these days are much hardier and disease resistant than they used to be, meaning they are a lot easier to care for. Our favourite is the Iceberg rose in bush or standard, which grow perfectly in pots too!

Raise it up

There are so many reasons why raised garden beds are such a great idea. Firstly, they’re great for growing plots of veges, fruit, and flowers, making it easier to control the weeds, pesky slugs and snails from your soil. The wooden sides will also keep your valuable garden soil from eroding during heavy rainfalls. Best of all, a raised bed works perfectly on a deck or patio, meaning you can simply snip what you need just a few steps away from your kitchen!

Bring your garden indoors

Indoor spaces come alive with a touch of greenery and plant colour, and we love the creative ways people are displaying them, especially terrariums. A terrarium is like your own mini garden in a glass. They’re super easy to make, using any kind of vessel, and incredibly low maintenance. They also make the perfect living gift, so whether you make your own or choose from our beautiful selection in store, we know you’ll love them.

spring gardening ideasGardening is child’s play

You don’t have to do the gardening all by yourself; get the kids involved and have some fun! There’s no better way for children to learn where food comes from than by growing your own – it’s a science lesson and life lesson all in one! Start with something they’ll enjoy eating like strawberries, snow peas, cherry tomatoes, or maybe try something else fun like giant sunflowers. Give them their own patch, encourage them all the way, and set them up for success.

Blooming bulbs

Daffodils may be on show now, but it’s just the right time to plant the rest of your summer flowering bulbs now. We love gladioli, calla lilies, dahlias, and tuberous begonias.

We heart spuds

Now is the time to plant seed potatoes if you want fresh new potatoes on your table for Christmas Day. Potatoes grow easily in a bag or pot and are one of the most versatile veges out there so give them a go!

spring gardening ideasGo organic

While pest and disease control can be frustrating in the garden, harsh chemicals often have side effects and are not kind to bees and wildlife. There are so many natural and organic alternatives available for common garden challenges; ask one of our team to guide you to the next best natural alternative to your usual chemical spray.