Our Top Watering Tips

Gardens can struggle over summer with scorching sun all day, and little to no rain. And being away on holiday can mean the garden is sometimes left for days (or weeks!), without attention.

To keep your plants thriving and producing throughout January and February we’ve put together our top watering tips:

Watering tips

Water soil, not foliage

1. Water deeply, rather than frequently – this helps the plant to develop strong roots that grow deeper into the soil, making it less susceptible to dry periods. This tip is applicable to your vege garden, flower garden and lawn.

2. Keep foliage dry where possible – damp leaves can increase your plants risk of developing fungal disease

3. Don’t let your soil dry out – dry soil or potting mix does not absorb water efficiently and easily

4. Water early in the day – because the beginning of the day is cooler, water will not evaporate as quickly, giving the plant more time to absorb the water which results in less stress on the plant

5. Water before your plants look stressed – to keep your plants nice and healthy, try and water before they start to look sick and stressed. If you wait for your plant to look droopy before you water, damage has already been done and the plant may struggle to come back to life

6. User saucers – placing saucers under your pot plants to collect excess water is a great idea as the plant can absorb the water during the day. Pots may require more frequent watering than garden beds as water can drain through before the roots have had a chance to absorb all the water they need.

Watering tips

Mulch helps preserve moisture in the soil

7. Avoid waterlogging – too much water can drown a plants roots, preventing them from getting oxygen and resulting in rotting roots.

8. Add some mulch – adding a layer of mulch around the base of plants can help the soil retain moisture and significantly lengthen the period of time between waterings.

9. Water storage crystals – these crystal can be sprinkled through the soil and will absorb and hold moisture, distributing it over time into the soil. Perfect for pots and hanging baskets.

10. Be prepared – keep an eye on upcoming weather reports, if it looks like a dry spell is coming up and you are going to be away, ask a neighbour or friend to water your garden. Or set up an irrigation system with water timers set to go off each morning or evening.